Our Story


Better together was started from one special blended sauce. A sauce that was created by accident and here is how that accident came to be. One day my husband and I were cooking separate meals in the kitchen. I was preparing my famous seafood sauce, a family favorite and he was making a seafood boil. Now my husband is mixed race so he has always had a special take on how to prepare food. The Caucasian side of him doesn’t appeal to my taste buds and the Jamaican side of him is a bit too earthy for me but it is amazing what two people from different walks of life can create when they are not trying to create anything at all. As he prepared his Jamaica-inspired seafood boil and drizzled it in his custom-made blended remnants from the frying pan, after separately frying the potatoes, sausage, and bell pepper. I remember thinking to myself, bell peppers, not that's different! But I was excited to taste this colorful creation he came up with. Upon completion, we cleaned up the kitchen (because I am an extreme neat freak). I grabbed my sauce he grabbed the boil bags and we headed to the bedroom to watch Masked Singer while we enjoyed our seafood boil. It was always these simple things that I enjoyed the most about the two of us. Now to give you an idea of the type of person I am. I am very frugal and I hate spending money. I also hate wasting things. So as we finished our meal I noticed he had this large amount of sauce left in the bottom of the boil bags and we were not quite through with the seafood dipping sauce. So as he made his way to the trash to throw away the sauce, I jested to him and said, “let's just combine them in this bowl and we can freeze it to use in the next boil. Which would not be long at all because I am a seafood enthusiast, anytime I can get it I’m getting it. So the following day I purchased some shrimp and I opened the freezer to retrieve the consolidated dipping sauce to use on my shrimp after thawing it out and when I say I was not disappointed. I ate my shrimp and immediately called my husband and said, I have something good for you when you get home. Naturally with most men, their minds go straight to the gutter and all he heard was “Honey I’m going to give it up tonight”. SMH So he got home earlier than usual with sex on the brain and of course, instead of sex, I had prepared an entire meal forged from the sauce we gave birth to and it was truly amazing. This sauce for us was a game-changing and from that day on we just started mixing our ideas together to birth one miracle after the other across all fronts and my life has never been the same ever since that day.

The reason I deemed it necessary to share this crazy story with you is because this sauce like many other things in my life came to me unexpectedly. I’m a strong believer in GOD and the plan he has for our lives. If you have a dream, make it a reality, conceptualize your thoughts, and most importantly if you have a path don’t let anyone stop you from walking that way. I believe in you. Let's do this together guys. I appreciate all your support. Check out all we have to offer on this site and leave your thoughts.